Ayurveda Hospital

About Us

Where Ayurveda Meets Modern Psychology

Ayurgram, Kerala’s pioneering psychosomatic specialty hospital, fuses modern psychology, yoga, and Ayurveda to address many physical diseases. Recognizing that mental discomfort often precipitates physical illness, our approach centers on treating these root causes. Stress, a significant environmental factor, receives attention through guided meditation and psychological methods. By employing introspective techniques, patients gain self-awareness, identifying and solving mental discomforts crucial for their well-being, which is supported by panchakarma & yoga therapy for complete physical recovery. Ayurgram’s holistic focus spans physical, emotional, and intellectual healing, fostering overall wellness. The only hospital in Kerala where the primary course of therapy is happiness is Ayurgram.

Why Us

Your Oasis of Health: Ayurgram's Promise

Discover holistic wellness at Ayurgram, where ancient Ayurvedic practices harmonize with modern psychology to heal mind and body, providing a unique path to complete well-being.

Psychosomatic Healing

Our expertise in psychosomatic care addresses the connection between mental and physical health, offering a holistic approach to healing.

Yoga Therapy

Experience the therapeutic power of yoga to improve physical and mental health, guided by experienced instructors.

Stress Reduction

Our stress management programs combine meditation, Ayurvedic techniques, and counseling to help you find inner peace.