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Sports Injury

Musculo skeletal injury is a condition that very quickly affects a person’s daily life. This can happen due to old age, health reasons, accidents, sports injuries etc.

What can we do?

Ayurvedic yoga treatment is effective in many musculo-skeletal injuries, but surgery cannot be avoided in all cases. But Ayurvedic yoga treatment is beneficial in post-surgery rehabilitation also, than any other treatment.

Rehabilitation refers to restoring the body’s structure and function to its optimum state. Ayurvedic yoga treatment is one of the most effective methods of treatment to avoid surgery in some cases and post-surgery rehabilitation in cases where surgery is needed. 

All injuries have different stages to rehabilitate. The first step is to manage the pain caused by the injury. Then increase the flexibility and range of movement of the joints. The next step is to increase strength. The next thing to do is improve mind-body coordination. Along with these or even more important thing is correcting the mental state associated with the injury.

An injury is not just a physical one. Every injury will definitely make them feel afraid that they might not be able to perform as well as he used to in daily activities or sports that demands physical fitness. Rehabilitation from any injury is not complete until this fear and lack of self-confidence is recovered.

Whether it is pain management, bringing back flexibility, strength, proprioception and coordination, or managing the psychology behind it, nothing can give results like Ayurvedic yoga treatment. Yet it is a fact that sports injury rehabilitation is worst in India, where Ayurveda and Yoga originated.

In foreign countries it takes only a few months to rehabilitate after surgery through their multidisciplinary approach, in our country it takes years. If Ayurvedic treatment is used effectively in such sports injuries, no other protocol can rehabilitate the patients so quickly and efficiently.