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AyurGram : A Unique Sanctuary for Spinal Pain Relief

People who never experience pain in their lives, at least once, do not exist. It is through the small pain that occurs when a finger is pinched, to the discomfort that can extend to the hands and feet, that the questions of the spine, which can occur until the compression of nerves, arise. Until the relaxation of the spine occurs, there can be various problems related to the compression of nerves.”

The pain experienced by an individual is not only physical but also poses a question to the freedom of movement and self-confidence. This lack of self-confidence can eventually lead to issues such as anxiety and even depression over time.”

“This is what happens after experiencing pain in the spine. The reason for the occurrence of pain in the spine is often related to various conditions experienced within our body. Some of these conditions, felt in our minds as well, give rise to emotions that trigger the Fight or Flight Response—a set of reactions that help us navigate through various types of accidents and keep us safe. However, when a situation arises where this response is activated without any apparent reason due to unnecessary emotions accumulated in the mind, our perception can be manipulated. In such cases, prolonged exposure to this stress, experienced over months or years, can lead to an overactive survival mechanism. This, in turn, can result in heightened alertness, muscle spasms, and, if persistent, can significantly contribute to the pain felt in the muscles, nerves, and the intervertebral discs of the spine. In this way, the continued friction caused by the movement of the vertebrae can lead to increased wear and tear of the discs and the joints, ultimately causing nerve compression.”

“When explained in this way, while it may seem that the causes of pain in the spine and the pain in the muscles might be same, a closer examination reveals distinct variations in the underlying conditions. Various sensations experienced in the spine and the muscles, be it in the back or the shoulders, can lead to different outcomes if observed closely. The diverse pains that occur in the spine, muscles, and the intervertebral discs as well as the wear and tear of the joints and discs in the spine due to occurrences like spinal stenosis, contribute to an insecurity. This insecurity, which combines fear and discomfort, is the root cause of excessive muscle spasms in the shoulders and back. The continuous occurrence of such muscle spasms can further lead to increased tension in the muscles, contributing to pain felt in both the back and the shoulders, and through this mechanism, it can also be a cause for discomfort in the nerves and water retention. The ongoing muscle spasms and resultant tensions are, therefore, interrelated and contribute significantly to the overall pain experienced.”

“However, when similar issues occur in the spine, it is the spine itself that is the cause, making the underlying conditions distinct and more straightforward. To put it simply, the sensation of pain in the spine is often perceived as an inexplicable discomfort when observed in-depth. The experience of pain in the spine, whether related to livelihood, occupation, or responsibilities, is interconnected with the practical problems encountered in daily life. Therefore, those who experience through pain are individuals who continuously strive for success in life. In such cases, approaching a specific physical ailment through Ayurvedic Panchakarma treatments can provide temporary relief, but to achieve complete liberation from the ailment, addressing the emotional aspects behind it is necessary. Only by integrating psychological solutions alongside physical treatments can long-lasting solutions be found for these psychosomatic issues. Through consistent Panchakarma therapy, the body’s pain and water retention, as well as the emotional issues associated with it, can be effectively managed. In situations where such problems persist over time, periodic repetition of Panchakarma treatments, combined with psychological interventions, can bring lasting relief.

The AyurGram center in Kerala is a comprehensive healthcare facility that provides relief for pain in the spine by addressing both the physical and emotional aspects. Through a holistic approach, including yoga postures, AyurGram successfully addresses and resolves muscle imbalances and spasms, providing a complete and permanent solution. Therefore, the holistic perspective of AyurGram, combining physical therapy, meditation, and medication, makes it a unique and effective treatment center for those experiencing pain in the spine in Kerala.”


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