Ayurveda Hospital


Dr. Aswin Hari BAMS, M.Psych

Chief Physician

Dr Aswin Hari founder of Veda Ayurgram is an eminent Ayurveda physician, passionate psychologist, and a well-experienced yoga therapist who is the backbone of Veda Ayurgram.

The ambitious healer brings to light the psychological factors behind many physical illnesses and solved many chronic cureless conditions.

His different approach towards physical illness made Veda Ayurgram Kerala’s first and only hospital with a psychosomatic speciality.

Dr. Jayesh Prakash BAMS, CSM

Medical Superintendent

Dr. Jayesh Prakash, Medical Superintendent in Veda Ayurgram is a renowned physician in spinal and rheumatology-related health issues, a practitioner in ayurvedic psychology, and marma with a special interest in muscle relaxing techniques. He is also very much enthusiastic about the sasthrakarmas in Ayurveda.